Joanna Malfatti currently teaches private drum lessons at Gilmore Music in Long Beach, CA Eagle Rock Music Studio in Eagle Rock, CA and throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.  She is an experienced, patient instructor and teaches students of all ages and levels.  Joanna provides a positive learning environment while also challenging  students to reach his/her potential.  Students also gain skills that reach beyond drumming, such as self confidence, mindfulness, focus, how to set and attain goals, and how to overcome negative thinking/behavior that impedes on one’s success.

Lesson curriculum for drumset lessons include: Reading music (for both snare drum and drumset),  rudiments/rolls, development of coordination, technique,  playing along to music including understanding song structure/form, time keeping in various musical styles such as rock, funk, jazz, etc., drum fills, soloing, creative development, listening skills.

Joanna also teaches  beginning djembe and congas. Students learn how to attain the various sounds of either drum, traditional patterns, soloing, cultural context, and how to play with other interlocking drum patterns.


“Drum lessons with Joanna are the highlight of my week……exciting and self-affirming!”



“I’m an adult amateur musician who was fed up with the monotonous sounds

of a drum machine on my home recordings, so I signed up for a

five-lesson group drum class with Joanna Malfatti at the Eagle Rock

Music Studio.


That five-week experience with Joanna’s classes was so positive that I

signed up for another set of five classes, and then a third set, despite

time pressure from work and the other things in my life.


Joanna has been positive and encouraging throughout. She is very

knowledgeable about her subject, and she is an effective teacher. Even

better, she adapted her teaching to the pace at which I and my fellow

students progressed, teaching us more when we could handle it, and

slowing down as needed when we needed to re-learn something. You can

tell Joanna loves music, and loves seeing her students progress, which

made our learning all the more enjoyable.


Thank you, Joanna, for being an excellent drum teacher, and for freeing

me from the tyranny of the drum machine!”